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Greatest Masterpiece

So in my opinion these are the greatest zep masterpeices. Vote for the one you like best!!  

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  1. 1. Here they are...

    • Stairway to Heaven
    • Kasmir
    • Achilles Last Stand
    • Since Ive been Loving you
    • Over the hills and far away
    • the rain song
    • The song remains the same
    • no quarter
    • Going to california
    • Trampled under foot
    • The battle of evermore
    • Heartbreaker

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i voted Kashmir because it is my favorite song of Led Zeppelin and it is truly a masterpiece which showed the band at his best..the song has it all in it: explosive riff, fantastic lyrics, amazing vocal performance and of course the orchestra who gave the song it's amazing sound..

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Wow.. I'm the only one who voted Stairway to Heaven..

Not anymore, I voted for it too. It seems that many people downplay STH nowadays, but I think it's a masterpiece, and it has special meaning in my life.

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I voted for Stairway, so that makes 4 I think. "Stairway to Heaven" is probably the greatest masterpeice. It is their most famous song. But, to pick my favorite out of those songs, it would be "Since I've Been Loving You."

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i'm joining the Stairway party! First song of Zeppelin I knew, first one I could play, first one I knew really by heart...and the one that paralizes me when ever I hear it.

I voted stairway, kashmir, trampled underfoot and heartbreaker.

They're wonderful songs.

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