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Greatest Masterpiece

So in my opinion these are the greatest zep masterpeices. Vote for the one you like best!!  

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  1. 1. Here they are...

    • Stairway to Heaven
    • Kasmir
    • Achilles Last Stand
    • Since Ive been Loving you
    • Over the hills and far away
    • the rain song
    • The song remains the same
    • no quarter
    • Going to california
    • Trampled under foot
    • The battle of evermore
    • Heartbreaker

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Stairway. I don't care what kind of music you like, everyone has to admit to the sheer musicial genuis behind that song.

It's a great song, but hardly the best they did. At least in my not-so-scientific opinion.

My personal choice isn't up there, so I'll go with my second choice, which is SIBLY.

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STH- I know a lot of people think it's overplayed or whatever, but structually this song IMHO is THE MASTERPIECE! If someone put me in a room and said I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life it would be this magnificent ballad. I was around when it was new and now 4 decades later and tens of thousands of times of listening to this song I can still get chills.

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top of the list Achilles last stand....9 and a bit minutes of sheer awesomeness, up there with anything Mozart and Beethoven have done

Steady on, I don't think you can ever beat the masters, but Achilles is The top of the tree out of the Zep cannon.

PS go listen to "The wanton Song" right now........its up there with those you mentioned :) ....

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Achilles.I was a great admirer of this hero even before they released this track.So when I first heard it ,it was as if I´ve heard it a million times before.Everything was fitting together perfectly.

TSRTS is also hughe.My friend always loved this song though he was never into their music. I always thought:Why didn´t they named the 5th album

TSRTS ? Than they used the named for the great movie and I think this is another analogy between me and the spirit of Zeppelin.

As far as I know ALS ,TSRTS and "Ten years gone" were ment to be pure instrumentals at first.Than Robert added his vocalparts......

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TSRTS !! It is just not a song that you hear everywhere.So many musicall idears and only people who cannot follow the inner rythm think

that it s too confused. A masterpiece of new metall that brings a feeling of liberation to me till today.

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It may not be my favorite of all time but Stairway To Heaven was not only such a phenomenal song but also one of if not the biggest songs ever. I think in terms of personal preference everyone can have their opinion but Stairway pretty much eclipses everything else.

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