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Is Led Zeppelin Your Favorite Band?


Is Led Zeppelin Your Favorite Band?  

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  1. 1. Are they in your top 5, the best ever, or are you here to trash them for no reason?

    • Yeah they're the best!
    • They're in my top 5.
    • They're okay.
    • No I'm just here to trash them.
    • Zeppa Who?

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At the moment my top 5 goes like this:

1. Pink Floyd

2. Queen

3. The Who

4. Led Zeppelin

5. Black Sabbath

(with The Beatles a very close 6th).

My top 20 bands generally do swithc places every once in a while, so this very well could change at any point.


1. Led Zeppelin

2. The Who

3. Pink Floyd

4. Clapton

5. Old Rolling Stones

6. Eagles

7. Beatles

8. Ozzie

9. Rush

10. Deep Purple

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Nope. Like them a lot, but no my favorite. They were many years ago though. Favorites include: Foghat, Savoy Brown, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Johnny Winter, Molly Hatchet, Rory Gallagher, Montrose, ZZ Top, Cream, Zeppelin.

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What the hell is your problem? I'm not always mentioning Dylan. The only times I have mentioned him were in the "Bob Dylan" thread.

Ah, Dylan. Woke me up to music at a young age. Will always have a place in my heart for him even though the last concert I attended was a disappointment. As for Led Zeppelin, they aren't my favourite band, but I like their music. What is the point of having to pick one artist or band when we have so many incredible talents to enjoy?
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Led Zeppelin favourite with top 5 artists ...

1. Led Zeppelin

2. Genesis (up to Duke album)

3. Pink Floyd (post Syd Barrett)

4. Peter Gabriel

5. Yes

Interesting that a lot of people on here have named Hendrix - I love his guitar work but could never get into his voice (same with Dylan). Beatles would be in top 10 but lost a bit of respect for them when they stopped touring (although I understand why)

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Yep, Zep tops the list. Enjoy other music but love my Zep. Sometimes find Zep spoils other bands for me - they sound great for a couple of tracks, then sound thin, repetitive or bland compared to Zep. Always come home to Zep.

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