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What's your favourite drummers?


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Interesting, you don't usually hear drumming like that in a Death Metal band. I may check out Death Breath's album one of these days. It doesn't seem to have all around great reviews, but most of those people think only 400 bpm blastbeats and the lowest possible vocals are 'Death Metal'.

Yes, I believe some Death Metal fans think they are too retro. All the members in Death Breath hava a history in the Swedish Death Metal scene and played in various DM bands in the late 80's. These guys grew up with Venom, Napalm Death and the likes, you will not find any triggers on the drums, so to speak. :D

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If I had to pick my top five these would be the drummers.

Dale Crover-Melvins

Buffin-Mott The Hoople

Mitch Mitchell-Hendrix

Jimmy Fox-James Gang

"Fito" De La Parra-Canned Heat

Oops, I forgot Josh Freese, possibly the best drummer ever. Make my list a top six.

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