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Has any Led Zeppelin Member Inspired you Musically?


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  1. 1. Have you been inspired by Led Zeppelin?

    • I've been inspired by Jimmy Page.
    • I've been inspired by John Paul Jones.
    • I've been inspired by Robert Plant.
    • I've been inspired by John Bonham.
    • No, I haven't been musically inspired by any Led Zeppelin members.

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I'm a drummer and heavily influenced by Bonzo. I love the technical simplicity of his beats. He knows when to play something awesome and when to play absolutely nothing at all. He always maintained such a simple set up with one bass drum and no specialty cymbals (china or splash) etc yet created many different sounds.

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I have shit loads of musicians who have inspired me to walk around inside my house or at the family camp with my acoustic guitar annoying every one. So yes, Page is the guy, in my ears it all began with him. My wife just rolls her eyes at me and laughs when she hears me playing and singing out of tune. My son always says to me, 'dad in another life you would have been a rock star but in this life you suck, so put it away', he is pretty smart for an almost 12 year old. I have a list of maybe dozen guitar players that really excite me and Page is way way up on that list!!!

How can someone be into music and not have the need to sing along or drum along or play guitar to it? My inner 12 year old would be proud that as an adult I actually purchased musical instruments.

For everywhere hear, go buy musical spoons or a triangle or a guitar or harmonica and have fun with it, it makes life better

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