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What Are You Reading?


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I finished reading a lot of Jack Kerouac's books... Also John Steinbeck (one of my favorite authors next to Kerouac)... I've most recently been reading poems by Arthur Rimbaud and I'm probably going to start reading A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess as soon as I can get a copy of it. I've seen the movie (but I lost my DVD of it... probably lent it out to someone), but I've recently read the first few pages of the book and it looks very interesting.

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Yep, the "uncensored" version I'm reading says "Richard Cole with Richard Trubo", so I'm sure Trubo did the actual writing.

The one you're reading and the 2 Northern Monkey mentioned sound good, will check them out.

Yeah, Japan's Minorities is very enlightening and a surprisingly smooth read for a social science book. It was written in 1997, though, so at times I find some of the language a little dated. It's a good starter for the essay I'm to write because it's just enough out of date that there are plenty of things I already want to follow up on to find out what's happened in the last ten years. :)

I've got Stairway To Heaven on my bookshelf, I just couldn't pull myself away from the keyboard to check the credits, :lol::rolleyes: thanks for reminding me. John Paul Jones, is apparently not a fan of that book at all. The MOJO interview quotes him as saying he hasn't spoken to Cole since the book was published.... probably no reason to anyway, nor much chance, since last I heard Cole was in SoCal.

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From the Author of "I Am America (And So Can You!)" Stephen Colbert:

"I Am America (And So Can You!)"

Winner of the prestigious Stephen T. Colbert Award for THE Literary Excellence.


(Fifth reading... I can't get enough of this book!)

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I should go back and read one of the Harry Potter books. The kids at school are doing a research paper on the Lord Voldemort's "reign" and comparing it to the Third Reich.

Some interesting parallels--and we're wondering whether Rowling meant to do it.

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'Musicophilia' (Tales Of Music And The Brain) by Oliver Sacks


Oh, my roommate's reading that one right now; she's going to lend it to me when she's done with it!

The Stone Roses: And the Resurrection of British Pop

Any good? Reviews I've read seem to be quite mixed...

I should be reading my calculus and economics texts, but instead I just got done reading Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger for the umpteenth time.

And today, I'm starting Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for the first time!

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