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What Are You Reading?

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What do you make of it? I've watched documentaries which suggest that the moon landing was fake, but I'm not convinced. :unsure:

The evidence produced by the author especially the photos unveiled where he demonstrates that the shadows are UNmistakingly FAKE is VERY convincing to me...among all the other evidence produced in the bibliography and notes in the book :):). If you think that many movies look SO REAL (but they're ONLY movies), you get what I mean:):)

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J. Edgar Hoover - The Man and The Secrets

I've only just started it, going to be a mammoth task. It's about 700 pages long.

I just started 'Murder, Inc.' by Burton Turkus

It's also about 500 pages.


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What do you make of it? I've watched documentaries which suggest that the moon landing was fake, but I'm not convinced. :unsure:

A few years back a friend of mine starting going on and on about black helicopters, D.B. Cooper, etc. and the Moon landings being a hoax. He was quickly reminded by an older brother of mine about a trip they took via charter plane back in the 70s to watch one of the Apollo missions lift off from Cape Canaveral. I think my brother worded it something like this, "do you think that was all staged just for our benefit"? Our friend never said another word about it after that.

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Recently, I've been reading a lot.

I read Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck. LOVED it.

I've also read A Separate Peace by John Knowles--it was a novel I could read again, but I didn't love it.

Another one I've read is Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse. I liked this one a lot. It's about a girl who lived in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl.

I'm working on Stones Into Schools by Gregory Mortensen and Silas Marner by George Eliot.

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Just finished. I liked it.


Just finished this one too. I liked it too.


Finished this one too, didn't like it much. I may have to re-read it. I had a bit of disconnect with the characters.

I'm now working on this one:


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Without going all Book Club, for the people who have read Herman Melville Moby Dick... how did you get along?

The reason I ask is most of the people I know seem to gave up halfway .

I don't think I ever got past the first chapter or so.

...and I'm an English lit teacher! :lol:

(I will NEVER assign that book to students, ever! Melville has short stories that are a bit more...engaging...that we can study instead.)

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I've always thought about reading Moby Dick but I don't think I will now.

Bram Stoker's Dracula bored the pants off me during the middle 200 pages.

By the way, hello Mandy. I don't see you around much these days. :)

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Queen Of Hell

Mark Alan Smith

Hecate is the first of the Gods. The Dark Goddess in the void, She who created Lucifer, is the source of all magick. This work embodies the primal current of the Witchcraft of Hecate. The first part of this book opens the Dark Path of the Witchflame Goddess in soul transition and elevation through initiation and the chrystalline transmutation of the subtle bodies in sexual magickal praxis. The Gods of the Witchcraft Trident are met in inner plane congress and physical plane evocation. The second part of the book deals with the transmutational journey of the soul through the Nightside realm of Hecate. The shadow paths of the Qlippoth are explored through many different portals in soul transition as gateways to Hell are opened and ancient familiar beings are conjured to assist in the work. Through the Lore of Malefica the awesome Draconian power of the Witch Gods is fully manifested and the darker side of the craft is seen written upon the Pages of Damnation in the Book of Rofocal. The third and final part of this work contains the Book of the Inner Sanctum. This is the path to the higher powers of the Witchcraft of Hecate. The dark spiritual crossing of the Abyss is covered here in depth.

This substantial text has many detailed illustrations of the sigils of all the Gods and spirits of the Craft which are contained within its pages. There are 11 beautiful full page illustrations of the Witch Gods, their Universe and their kin.

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I bought my wife a book. I saw this movie that looked like an intersting mystery, its an old tale. Its the Picnic at Hanging Rock. The story is in turn of the century Australia when some school girls mysteriously disappear at a place called Hanging Rock. Its a pretty famous book I have heard. Anyone read it or like it? She is usually into romance novels but I think she may like this. I may read it myself so if you have read it, pleas do not give anything away.

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