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What Are You Reading?


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Always got two on the go (see previous post), usually music and mountaineering books.

First the music.

Guy Pratt My Bass and other Animals.

Very funny story of a session man, played for the latter day Pink Floyd among others, full of witty anecdotes. The story of the boozy plane flight with Jimmy Page is hilarious, here is the excerpt from his stand up show.

Guy Pratt on Jimmy Page

Mountaineering book


Tenzing is my hero, he clawed his way up from yak herder to.........well......Tenzing

A glorious life ultimately ruined (in my opinion) by a younger woman, alcohol and a feeling he never did enough for the sherpa people which is absolute rubbish vis-a-vis the Himalayen Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling. At the end of his life him and Hillary became close friends and spent a lot of time just talking. The story of his funeral is amazing and very moving. A true hero and a great story about the loss of innocence.

Tenzing (left) and Hillary 1953 just after their succesful summit. Little did they know that their whole lives would change forever after this.


.......and finally Tenzing on the summit of Everest 1953.........iconic or what?


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I'm reading my introductory weather and climate notes for one of tomorrow's exams. I have to fail the exam to not get an A in the class, so I'm not that stressed about it. COlonial and revolutionary American history is another matter, however. I have to get an A on the final to get an A in the class. That is the other one tomorrow.

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America - A Narrative History by Tindall and Shi

.....again. I've already read the book, but that was ages ago when I was preparing for my entrance exams. I'm taking an exam from US history in January, so I need to read it again, because I feel like I've forgotten almost everything. One more extrathick tome I need to go through. Oh well, life's hard.

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I do most of my reading on the train to & from work. So I read a lot.

This book (above) I'm just about to start.

I just finished a Richard Layman book. Some old shite about black rain turning punters psychopathic.

It was a load of wank, but I was desperately scurrying around the house on Tuesday morning

trying to find something (anything) to read on the train.

If I don't have a book to read, I have to listen to the drivel from the other passengers.


iwaslike no way

hewaslike way

iwaslike are you ready

hewaslike in a minute

iwaslike hurry up

hewaslike where's my keys

iwaslike dunno

hewaslike there thur

iwaslike you're a fud

hewaslike no am no

etc etc etc.

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I just finnished "Song of Susannah" by Stephen King. It's the 6th book in the Dark Tower series, and there's on book left, and I don't have it :'( So now I'm just reading "Who was that Masked Man Anyway?" by Avi. It's an interesting book, it's told completly with diolauge(sp?). I've never read a book like that before.

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I got about halfway through (an abridged) War And Peace at work today. I was skimming. I don't think I could take reading every last detail. It's pretty good but I'm sure I won't be reading it again once I'm done.

Tolstoy was clearly paid based on the length of the book.

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Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom

The magic mushroom was rediscovered only fifty years ago but has accumulated all sorts of folktales and urban legends along the way. In this timely and definitive study, Andy Letcher strips away the myths to get at the true story of how hallucinogenic mushrooms, once shunned in the West as the most pernicious of poisons, came to be the illicit drug of choice.

Chronicling the history of the magic mushroom, from its use by the Aztecs of Central America and the tribes of Siberia through to the present day, Letcher takes a critical and humorous look at the drug's more recent manifestations. Since the 1970s scientists and others in major Western nations, the United States and the United Kingdom in particular, have identified hundreds of hallucinogenic species, isolated their active ingredients, learned how to cultivate them on an industrial scale, and spread them around the world. More than any other civilization that has come before us, and despite all the myths we have built, we, by all rights, are the true magic mushroom enthusiasts.

I love mushrooms.


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I'm reading Oliver Twist. Never actually read any Dickens before...I thought it might be pretty hard going because of when it was written, but it's the complete opposite! It's ace. B)

I'm going to start reading that one soon, I'm going to write an essay comparing to The Prince and The Pauper by Mark Twain.

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Can't remember who wrote it.

I have a weakness for sci-fi. :blush: I don't know why…

Douglas Adams, and it's not just "sci-fi" it's one of the greatest books of all time, and he was one of the greatest writers of all time. You should definitely read the rest of the series, and you might also be interested in his other two books "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" and "The Long Dark Teatime of The Soul"

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Another old mainstay!

I am reading this:


But I'm gonna have finished it in the next couple of days...I can't decide what to read next!

I bought quite a lot of new books the other week.

Your post at the moment <_<:)

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