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Help With DVD Photos.

Jimmy's A Legend

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Hi, I just got a bootleg of 1979 Knebworth and I have seen some really good shots of Pagey but I don't know how to download them.

I downloaded KMPlayer and I take screenshots and it saves it in a special file but I can't open the file :(

So if anyone can help me that would be great :)

I'm abit of an idiot when it comes to technolagy :lol::D

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If you have a DVD drive in your computer, I've just been catching them the same way as from YouTube, using Paint. Maybe pausing it to make sure I catch what bit I'm looking for. I think that is easier to do, than downloading them.

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Cheers I'll try it :)

Hallo! And you cannot open the folder with the captures or you cannot find it? I know it, because it took me a while to find out that the folder is a part of the programe. I always find it so:

1. My computer

2. hard drive C: (it is usually so)

3.Program Files (or where the KM player was downloaded)

4. than click on the icon of the programme and there are various folders- language,logo, playlist etc... and also Capture

if you have the same Windows XP Home it should be the same :)

Good luck!

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