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Official: How The West Was Won - Led Zeppelin has only released 3 live albums "The Song Remains The Same" which was Madison Square Garden, New York City. The BBC Sessions, Paris Theatre, London. And as mentioned HTWWW.

Bootleg: Perhaps Zep's best time September of 1970, the shows available are Oakland 9/2/70, 9/3/70 San Diego, Iglewood - L.A Forum 9/4/70 (AKA Blueberry Hill Zep's biggest boot), Boston 9/9/70 (features Ramble On), 9/19/70 Madison Square Garden, New York (get the evening show). All of 71 is good. I think Australia 72 through U.S. 72 was Zep's true best (as Page also says) but few boots of the 72 U.S. tour have good sound quality.

As for DVD...

official: "The DVD", just get The Song Remains The Same too the MSG 73 part of the DVD makes you want it more.

bootleg: 8/4/79, many say this is better than the next show 8/11/79 but I think there VERY similar and the setlist of 8/11/79 IMO is better.

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If you're a Zeppelin fan, it doesn't matter which is better - you NEED to have all of them.

Heres how I look at it:

Best official live album from 1969-1971: BBC Sessions

Best official live album from 1972: How The West Was Won

Best official live album/DVD from 1973: The Song Remains The Same

Best official live DVD from 1970-1979: Led Zeppelin DVD

To neglect ANY official Led Zeppelin live releases is to fail.

Edited for spelling errors.

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Just to throw a spanner in the works, remember that there are many different versions of most dates that were bootlegged, not to mention the multiple official versions of TSRTS.... :blink:

...and most of them have got something to recomend them...

As far as that last one (TSRTS) goes I'd say that everyone should have both versions of the CD (old one isn't as "produced" sounding, new one has more songs). On DVD the one to get is The Fan Edition (all the available songs, in the right order), but it's nice to be able to compare it both of nthe official releases.

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Hello,i have a question.I want to buy a Live CD.

Which do you think is the best Live CD.

Thank you for some answers :)

Offical CD= HTWWW....The mastering is a little over the top but great performances.........

Official DVD 2003 box set...the 1970 RAH video is worth the price of admission alone....

bootlegCD= Fillmore West 4/27/69 I happen to like the EV release "Avocado Club"..LTTE 77 is a great recording and maybe Jimmy's best perfomrnace of the 77 tour but there nothing like the 69 shows when the band was at their peak.. Robert can hit all the high notes and Jimmy's playing is stellar.......

DVD boot= Earls Court 5/25/75 Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock Music (Empress Valley Supreme Disk)...The video is excellent quality, the Band is still playing to a high standard and the EC shows are some of the tops of 75 tour........Again the 79 Knebworth shows are nice videos and the performances are underrated but lets face it Jimmy is not at his best during 77-80 period....

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My favorite live Zeppelin album is How The West Was Won, but I'm biased. Perhaps my all-time favorite concert was the 6/25/72 Los Angeles show and half of HTWWW is from that show. If I could have any live album of a Zep show, I probably would have wanted that one and I got it - so it's a no-brainer for me. :D

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