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Who would be a good Plant replacement?

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...feel the same towards John Bonham. IMHO, Led Zeppelin ended nearly 30 years ago.

IMHO, anything from the three together was at best an approximation of the original.

Worthy of a tribute to Ahmet, but as much as I love Jason, I agree Zeppelin should remain as it was. They proved the legend at the 02, and that was a statement that needed to be made. A beautiful closure, and two fingers to the doubters. But leave it with a wink and a smirk.

Bath '70 Jimmy?

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It took me a long time to really get my head around them playing as Zeppelin in 2007.

The only reason I accept it is that Jimmy, Robert and JPJ decided to do it as a once off.

At least when Jason played with the other three it was as close as you could get to the real thing.

His father (arguably) taught him everything about percussion and Jason would know the Zep catalogue backwards.

Sure I would have loved them to release an album and tour but as it's turned out it will probably never happen.

I'm comfortable if they eventually release a DVD of the reunion as Led Zeppelin.

However, if any of the others for whatever reason decided to bring in "others" then it could never be Led Zeppelin ever again, because none of the remaining originals could

or should, be replaced.

I don't care who or how good the "replacements" would be.

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from blabbermouth

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jonesrevealed some of the details following the LED ZEPPELIN jam sessions following their 2007 reunion. It's no secret that Page, Jones, and Jason Bonham were all geared up for more live work with the



, but the pair has now revealed that following Robert Plant's decision to not join in, the trio were working up original material for a new band.

Although both Steven Tyler (AEROSMITH) and Myles Kennedy(ALTER BRIDGE, SLASH) have gone public about their time working with the ZEP members, it seems now that the majority of the work was done before any vocalist entered the



. Jimmy Page explained toClassic Rock, "Certainly for Jason, myself, and John Paul Jones;Robert had his Alison Krauss project to promote. It seemed the right thing to go in and start playing new material. I thought we really should play to our strengths here, which was the music. But there were a lot of movements to bring in singers and do this, that and the other. And that would've changed the character too early from what we were doing. I won't say there was pressure, but there was a lot of hinting about this



and that singer. For me it was more a question of, let's see what we can really do. And I don't think we got a chance to do that. Of course we would've played LED ZEPPELIN material, but you want to be playing some really, really good

new music



John Paul Jones added that once it was clear that Robert Plant was not going to be joining the exploratory rehearsals featuring the new material, it was never going to be merely a LED ZEPPELIN project with a new lead singer. "Not at all," he said. "That's a total misunderstanding. I said, 'Of course, if we go out (on the road), we're going to have to do someZEPPELIN numbers.' And there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, we rehearsed 'Carouselambra' (from 'In Through The Out Door'), which we've never done live before, and we had a bunch of new material done. But Jimmy and I couldn't agree on



. . . I quite liked Myles Kennedy. He's got the range, but his voice is completely different thanRobert's. Which was fine by me, because it was going to be a completely different band. But it didn't work out and we all moved on."

John Paul Jones has often made light of the fact that Page and Plantreunited in the mid-'90s for two albums and a world tour without him. He recalled that despite being partners with the pair in LED ZEPPELIN — he found out about their team-up through a third party. "I was kind of disappointed that I found out about. . . I read about it in the



," he said. "I called up somebody who works with all of us at the time and said, 'I see the rumors are getting strong again,' because there's always rumors about reunions and stuff. And they said, 'Oh didn't they tell you?' And I went, 'Well, tell me what?' And he said, 'Well, they're getting back on the road again.' 'Oh, well, OK, (laughs) whatever.'"

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I don't understand the "it's not Led Zeppelin if Bonham isn't there" attitude on the part of some fans. If any of the surviving band members feel this way that's one thing. They lived it. But where do I get off telling Page or Jones that it's not really Led Zep if Bonham or Plant isn't involved. If John Bonham's estate and Robert Plant wouldn't have a problem with it, then I wouldn't either. Bands change personnel all the time. Deep Purple went through three lead singers and three bass players during their first eight years of existence. Just my two cents.

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...well technically it wouldn't really be 'Led Zeppelin' without Bonham or Plant...hell even Page or Jones!

I mean, let's reverse roles a little here and say Robert went out and said "Hey, I want to form another band with only JPJ and it's gonna be Led Zeppelin!" Besides every Tom, Dick, and Harry skewering him to pieces, does that even sound right to you as a fan?

Led Zeppelin was a four-piece band of great musicians with great chemistry - a chemistry (though re-captured in 07) will NEVER be the same even with so-called new personnel added to the mix. I have no qualms with Jimmy and JPJ going out and doing their own thing, but to call it "Led Zeppelin" would be an insult to the magic they had for those 12 years IMHO.

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I think that the 2007 reunion show should be the last goodbye under the name of "Led Zeppelin". Unless Robert genuinely wants to do it and there is an albums worth of new material. Another reunion just for some stadium, or enormodome shows doesn't have any great appeal to me. I would like to see Robert continue doing his thing, which he clearly loves. And Jimmy, if he wants to, go out on the road with a vocalist and play all the old songs that he wants to play. With JPJ, of course. The vocalist does not have to be a "big name". Or a male vocalist. And/or if he wanted to do this in the studio, this would be good as well.

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Anne Wilson, Steve Tyler, Jeff Lynne. They could work to sing along with JPJ and JP. They could probably create some good material as well collaboratively.

It really depends where Jimmy is now in regards to the type of music still inspiring him. The Stones have gone back to the Blues rather successfully (Their last album is great). If Jimmy and John Paul still have an affinity for early blues, they obviously need to engage a singer with the same bent. If they are thinking of new sounds and directions - who knows....

One thing for sure, it would be really interesting.

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