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Hi Guys,

I am currently slightly obsessed with the Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac and I discovered them thanks in part to a couple of things I read on this site. I think one of the reasons that they are not more well known is that there isn't a really thorough single or double compilation CD that covers their output during that era of the band. Probably the best one I have come acoss so far is the "Best of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac", although I still have slight concerns about the tracks chosen (In my opinion there is not enough from "Then Play On" plus nothing from the "Blues Jam in Chicargo" Discs, "The original Fleetwood mac" album or the amazing Live at the Boston Tea Party discs).

I think one of the problems is that even though the band was only in action for a short period, there seems to be a huge amount of material available and a lot of the material is on different labels. In addition some songs are probably in need of some tidying up in terms of sound quality. A friend recently asked my for some music recommendations so I thought I would burn him 2 CD's of some of my favourite Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac songs. My selections are below, I was just wondering what some of the fellow Peter Green era Fleetwood mac fans on this thread would have chosen using any of the officially available material had they been given the opportunity to select a two disc compilation to showcase this fabulous band.

Disc 1

1 Black magic woman (Live at the Boston tea party volume 1)

2 Jumping at Shadows (Live at the Boston tea party volume 1)

3 Like it this way (Live at the Boston tea party volume 1)

4 Loving Kind (Live at the Boston tea party volume 3)

5 Oh Well part 1 (Live at the Boston tea party volume 2)

6 I can't hold out (Live at the Boston tea party volume 1)

7 The Green Manalishi (Live at the Boston tea party volume 1)

8 Oh well part 2 (Then Play on)

9 Man of the world (Single)

10 Without you (Original Fleetwood Mac)

11 Before the beginning (Then Play on)

12 Station Man (Kiln house)

Disc 2

1 Old grey mare (Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (debut album))

2 Stop Messin' around (Mr Wonderful)

3 A fool No More (Original Fleetwood Mac (with false starts removed))

4 Drifting (Original Fleetwood Mac)

5 Homework (Blues Jam in Chicargo 2)

6 Loved another Woman (Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (debut album))

7 Albatross (Single)

8 Dragonfly (Single)

9 Coming your way (Then play on)

10 World in harmony (Live at the Boston Tea Party volume 2)

11 Rattlesnake shake (Live at the Boston Tea Party volume 2)

12 Tutti Frutti (Live at the Boston Tea Party volume 3)

13 On we Jam (Live at the Boston Tea Party volume 3)

I guess that would be my dream setlist.


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You can't have PG era Mac compo without including "Need Your Love So Bad". Another thing also I would dump "Albatross" I had a school friend who's father had an album of Hawian music from the early 60s, on it was a tune that is virtually note for note and tempo of what Peter Green turned into Albatross. When this schoolfriend first mentioned that "Albatross" was'nt original nobody would believe him. But sure enough when he took you to his parents his father would take great delight in showing you the proof ie the date on the album cover and label and of course playing the track...and indeed nobody could deny what they saw and heard was almost exactly like "Albatross" only from about five years earlier. I have sometimes read that Santo and Johnny's "Sleepwalk" bears a resemblance to "Albatross" but it was'nt that.

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Completely agree about "Need your Love So Bad" lovely playing and fantastic vocal performance from Peter. I guess I am a huge fan of the live at Boston tea party discs and I knew my friend was a fan of blues jamming so I put on a lot of songs from those albums. Somehow the string arrangement in "Need your Love So Bad" didn't fit so well with those other tracks. I would be the first to admit my list was biased to personal preference, I was just interested in what other people would put on their own personal lists. A more objective compilation would also have to have "Love that Burns", "Watch out" from the blues jam in Chicago as well as some more Jeremy Spencer material ("Shake your money maker", "I've Lost My Baby" and "Rockin' Boogie" are three of my favorite Spencer tracks). There are lots of others such as "Rollin Man" that are more than derserving of a place on a compilation as well. I also put on a couple of tracks from the KIln house period as I wouldn't really know where that album would sit in terms of Fleetwood Mac overviews, it was kind of a trasitional album between the bluesy Peter Green era and softer, spacier Bob Welch period.

With regard to Albatross I haven't heard the song your are refering to so can't really comment. Albatross will stay on my playlist as it is a song I really enjoy and I have no way of listening to the Hawiaiian song since I don't know what its called or where I can find it .

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