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I'll have to get Jason's face on my back..... in the style of Steve-O from Jackass! :lol:

Reids: TNA.. I'm dynamite :D

Adi: :gimmefive:

now this is a cool idea...I've always wanted to do something like this but with Led Zeppelin's members faces but I think it will be exaggerated if I'll do it all over my back :D

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I have three Zep tattoos

1. upper right arm-- Swan Song icarus with the 4 symbols

2.chest upper right quadrant---- inside cover of zep 4 Wizard on the Mountain with the words Power , Mystery, Hammer of the Gods

3.lower right arm Led Zeppelin Blimp on Fire with Led Zeppelin written below it.

My next tattoo is going to be a picture of Miss Hd from above and Her Tattoo.


A picture of My Grandson Izaiah and Me at the Accension Parish Bicentenial Concert with Cowboy Mouth,Irma Thomas and Tracy Lawrence also David St Romain from Nashville Star.

Two out of three of My Zep Tattoos are showing in the photo third is on my chest.

Through in a extra pic of My Grandaughter Tru Serene.


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Mine :)



Miss HD, where in E Yorks are you?? as I'm in Bridlington (shit-hole by the sea), & my Tatt is my Avatar.

But your NOT in this town, as i would have noticed that Arse & that cant belong to a Brid Girl.....its too perfect, Unless you dont leave the house LOL. There is one thing wrong with it....but that would be rude of me to say :hysterical: Let me know where you are, may-be get a Beer.

All the best,

Hang-man :ph34r:

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i have one and its of the swan song logo and its on my left hip!! i got it last year as a personal birthday present!! :D

hopefully this year i will be getting the 4 symbol's on my left side of my body!!! i hope to get it very sooon! ;)


Have a look at the "Post" that I started last year "Anyone with any Zep Ink", there's about 100 replys on there, some really nice art-Work. Keep them coming.

All the best,

Hang-man :ph34r:

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My Aunt just got the "Celtic Holy Trinity" on her leg - but I call it JPJ's Symbol.

As soon as I move out (or can sneak & get it done) I want Icarus on my right buttcheek, and my friend is getting the Pink Floyd prism on his left buttcheek.

Talk about Dynamic Duo...

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My waitress the other day had a Zeppelin tattoo.


By the way, there were seven or eight different tattoo threads that I had to navigate and decide which one to post on. This is what the search function is for, people...there's no need for seven tattoo threads.

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