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Have You Ever.........?


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Yeah, and as a child I wanted to get to the rainbow's end, because there's hidden a buckett ull of gold or a dragon's egg.

HYE believed your parents when they told you you wouln't get anything for christmas if you weren't a good boy?

Noper (always been fairly good at detecting lies).

HYE received a gift and then regifted it to someone else?

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countless fragile beer coaster constructions as a bored child in restaurants...oh, and the book pile on my desk...mum says I should clean up.

Keep the peace and please your mother (nuff said).

HYE opened a Xmas package to see what it was (and then rewrap it and place it back under the tree)?

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only the ones that swam in oil and didn't move anymore (still hard enough, squishy little buggers)

HYE smuggled alcohol in a place where it wasn't allowed?

PS Oops, mummie wants me to go to bed


Night then...

Yes; the movies! (to play the Star Trek drinking game...) :lol:

HYE gone to a drive in movie?

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No, but I tried it once myself to see what it tasted like...I didn't think it was so bad. I guess it's like Ralphie says, it depends on what kind of soap it is.

Have you ever gone to a midnight showing of a movie?

Many times! :)

HYE seen a movie in a language you didn't speak, with subtitles?

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