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Have You Ever.........?


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Yes on fire cracker and no on shoe's but, yes, I have put two different sock's on and didn't see it until I got ready for bed later that night! :oops:

Ever forget to turn on the alarm clock and wake up after you where supposed to get up and then later realized that you where off that day?

I did this a lot when I was working a 7 day schedule for a long time!

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HYE been bitten by a dog?

Yep. When I was a kid.

Have you ever threw up on someone?

Nope.....never been to a tribute band concert.

HYE spilled a cup of coffee on your desk?

Sorry I don't drink coffee, but I have spilled a drink on my desk before.

And once I threw up on a dog! And he tried to bite me after that!

Have you ever pet a kitty? :D

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