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Have You Ever.........?

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No, thank goodness.

HYE had an allergic reaction to any food?

None that I am aware of but I have been surprised by a few dishesohmy.gif these cajuns will eat anything that doesn't eat them firstwink.gif

HYE ate anything that you thought was something elsetongue.gif

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Have You Ever Been so annoyed by high post counts that you post in 20 different posts about how stupid they are and start your own post about it.

No, not successfully.... :D

Have you ever got upset because you can't decide on witch completely annoying and uninteresting, self post count rising with absolutely no viable topic at all to hurry up and get your reply to first? B)

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Yes, I once crashed an Apple by design. I deposited the desktop icon in the Trash bin. I was pissed because my boss gave my responsibilities to a slacker.

HYE swamped a boat?


HYE been shipwrecked?

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