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Have You Ever.........?


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HYE had an art teacher who, when presented with the masterpiece of your art career, gives you the standard blank expression "good job, John".

No :console: (I appreciate art, but unfortunately am not artistic)

HYE seen a famous work of art in person and been totally overwhelmed by it?

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Well, thank you for the overview, Starbreaker. I just dont think its right that so many people should live their lives in darkness. It's good to know that the era of Bojangles is on its way!

Have you ever had a chocolate iced-cream filled doughnut from Krispy Kreme?(OMFG)

The masses will be enlightened in due time my friend; just be patient.

Chocolate ice-cream filled dougnut from Krispy Kreme!?!?!? I must have one of these!!!

Nope, I've never tried to eat chocolate with a knife and fork.

Have you ever had a Cream-Horn from Dewey's Bakery in Winston-Salem, North Carolina?

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Its not icecream filled. Just Cocolate iced, and Cream filled, but still heavenly.

No. I'm guessing it's a horn shaped pastry filled with cream? Sounds delightful.

HYE Had a cinnimon twist from Bo's?

PS I feel sorry for people who think Duncan doughnuts is the real thing. :slapface:

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