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Have You Ever.........?


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I don't think so...I've wanted to before, lol, but I'm not very good at sleeping upright. I didn't sleep a wink on a flight to London, and I didn't sleep on the way back until the Chicago-to-here leg of the trip when I put the tray down and leaned forward on it. I don't think that would have worked under normal circumstances, but by then I was so wasted that it worked. I still couldn't do the leaning back thing, though.

Have you ever tried log rolling?

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No. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Have you ever gotten a really bad haircut?

Neither really :) Mine's been orange before.

Yes, about 2 years ago, I asked for "longer in the front, shorter in the back" and my stylist heard "Mullet" :blink: He had to cut the mullet tails off; it was the worst haircut I ever had; super short. :(

HYE gotten a mohawk?

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No. laugh.gif

HYE gotten a beehive hairstyle?

Yes!! Once, for a 1960's themed party. Had the hair for it then - it was big, like Marg Simpson kinda tall. I had to drive home with my head tilted off to one side because my hair wouldn't fit into the car otherwise!! biggrin.gif

HYE shaved your head?

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