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Have You Ever.........?

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no clue what they are :P

HYE...touched an electric fence?...did that today :(

No, yikes, hope you are ok! :o

(GMATs are the entrance exams in the US that you take to pursue an MBA)

HYE done the Electric Slide?

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Beyond that.

HYE held a live bat in your hand?

No, thank goodness, but I have been up close on 2 occasions and it scared the daylights out of me :o

HYE seen a bear in your neighborhood?

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Yes, last year a black bear was on my friend's property and the neighbor shot it. :(

There was also a cub near the McDonald's in town climbing the phone pole.

Have you ever flown in a bi-plane?


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not yet no.

HYE seen a B-1B Lancer do a flyover in person?

We were in Myrtle Beach, SC about 10 years ago, and some sort of Navy Jet did a fly-by over the ocean in front of our hotel; it was really loud! :o Not sure if it was that type of jet, though.

HYE been up in a hot air balloon?

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