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According to my mum yes, too big, according to me, much to small and urgendly to be expended

TNPTP handeled back a test without answering it in school

Hmm... thinking back, uh, probably once.

TNPTP has dropped food on the floor, put it back on the plate and served it at the table without announcing the aforementioned fact?

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Not today.

TNPTP likes man with long hair

Noper (but I prefer long hair on women).

TNPTP has invited a Mormon or Jehovah's Witness into their home when solicited and listened to their pitch and then responded by telling them that they'd rather spend eternity in hell than exist forever with them in their heaven.

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No, they never rang at my door...unfortunately, your idea sounds like great fun!

TNPTP has walked around in public with a huge make-up accident/ part of the outfit missing...

Noper (but I once lived with a woman who had an English accent, even though she was born and raised in Houston, Texas).

TNPTP has (at least once) awakened from a dream and begun their day, only to awaken moments later to actually begin their waking experience.

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Maybe I did, I don't know and I wouldn't give a rat's ass about what I wear and what people think of it, as long as I don't get questioned by the police

Yes, I get those dreams all the time

TNPTP accidentally burned his/her Thanksgiving dinner one year

Well, let's just say it was dry.

TNPTP has seen a human being eat from a downtown trash bin.

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