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song for a first date

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If you REALLY like her, you could try The Wanton Song. :D

Though now I think of it, perhaps you should warm up with something like Thank You, that's very romantic.

Thank you is not a warming up song. go with a album the lady would like, then after showing her your etchings....play Thank You :slapface:

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Well, it's a warming up song in that it might get her in a romantic mood without having to get into stuff about squeezing lemons, etc.

I know! SIBLY. They can slow-dance to that, it's perfect.


how can you dance to SIBLY the lady has broken your heart....not a good start, lemons can't find them let alone squeeze them..... :o
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How about "All of My Love"? It is one of my favorite Zep songs and is VERY romantic.

It may be a bit too much, though for a first date.

I certainly would say so. Bron-YR-Aur Stomp would be good for a first date as someone said earlier. It's a fun song and quite upbeat. Very catchy too.

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Yeah don't play anything too romantic on a first date for God's sake, but defenitely throw hints at her.

Once she becomes more familiar with Zep's stuff, drop the bomb with all those killer songs. :D

BTW I'm PWI right now. (Posting while intoxicated).

Now PWI would definitely be the real Ozzy! :beer::burp::drunk:

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I'd wait a little bit for the Rain Song. don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful song and I love it, but it's really deep for a first date.

I suppose that's true but I just wish he would describe this date a little better because really there is a Zep song to perfectly match every moment, Bob Marley's pretty good too for a first date, No Woman No Cry, Stir It Up, Is This Love, Redemption Song. Really music is one of the most powerful things in this world and I think Zep and Bob sort of mastered that and they can put you in any mood especially Bob with his love and hapiness, while Zep is more sex, love, and exciting.

Trampled Underfoot!

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As a girl, I would say Stairway or Thank You. If you chose Thank You be sure that she doesn't read to much into things though.

No, no, no, Tangerine or That's The Way.

Typical female change your mind....don't worry about the heart failure. :rolleyes:
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Well, i want to ask a girl outon a date, and I thought i might need some music, so which one of Led Zeppelins songs should i use? she likes Stairway To Heaven, but i'm not sure :unsure:

:) please reply :)

The Lemon Song, "squeeze my lemon, until the juice..."


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Ok how about this little "guide". It's what I would do.

On your way to the date get her warmed up first...

Whole Lotta Love

Three Little Birds

That's The Way

Stir It Up

What Is And What Should Never Be

Communication Breakdown

On your way home put her in a romantic mood:

Thank You

Fool In The Rain


No Woman, No Cry

Going To California (wow nobody thought of that one)

Hey Hey, What Can I Do

Redemption Song

Hangin out, get her blood boiling to a point and leave her with that:

Trampled Underfoot

The Lemon Song

Is This Love

Dazed and Confused, you tell me one person who didn't love that song the first time they heard it

Stairway To Heaven, everythings better when you end with "Stairway"

Be careful not to come on too strong with any song i.e. always have a balance of style/meaning, and if she dosen't want to hear something or wants to stop listening to it don't force her.

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I still think SIBLY, as long as she doesn't listen to the words--it's a perfect slow-dancer. So are D&C and Fool in the Rain, until it gets to the samba bit, by which time we hope things are heating up a little.

Which reminds me, that's why he should keep Trampled Underfoot till later. Ditto Custard Pie.

Actually it's probably a bit late now and it's all over.--

So how did you get on?

Didn't make a mistake like playing Darlene or something, we hope?

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