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Personal Distaste with Presence.

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Presence is one of the coolest Zeppelin albums ever, iit's modern rock at it's best, still sounds fresh, not dated at all. The sound, mix, and production is their smoothest ever and Page's playing is among his best. Love his twang and attitude, as well as Jones break-through pioneering bass tone on Achilles. If you listen closely to Jones' bass on ALS, he's muting and chugging along with high-end clarity you never really hear from a bass, while simultaneously having incredibly deep, warm low end. He manages this HUGE tone without cluttering the mix or overpowering the other guys, all while playing incredibly tasty and clever bass lines that TOTALLY fit the music 100%, serving the song. That's Jones for 'ya, the best of the best. And blues guitar playing DOES NOT get any better than Tea For One, Page's playing cuts so DEEP into the soul, devoid of your typical blues cliche licks that most other "blues players" always play. And those classy, rocked-out riffs all over Hots On For Nowhere are to die for, still looking for a youtube video of this from the Page/Black Crowes 2000 tour when they played it, it sounded so fat at the Jones Beach show 6/29/00, the guitars were huge, fat, in full stereo, it was great.

Another superb post. See, Presence actually brings out the best in everybody... :D:D:D

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Presence isn't my favorite album..none of them are..they're all #1 in my book (even Coda)! Every album has its own feel. PG is very good, although i wonder if the vocal tracks for Houses of the Holy were recorded in '72 or '74..HHmmm...

Presence is a very wonderful album, however. The track listing is fine the way it is. I Think T41 is a very good ending for the album (the first time the band put a very slow track at the end of an album, BTW - so I can see "change sucks" in that category)..FYL right after the opening track is very good..Page & Co. mixed the album up so that it was more evened out rather than put all their marbles in one basket. Meaning, they wanted it to be a stripped down rock album and that's what came out. All four members did a wonderful job on the album! The only thing I always wondered about when I was like 15-16 (and 31 now) and listening to the music, checking out the vinyl art and sleeve (Yes, I first listened to Presence on LP!) was why Page/Plant was credited to 6 tracks and the band only one..

Considering the time and LP restrictions on 2 sides, it was put out as is and very good. Nothing should be changed with it! I do think this album was more of a Page/Plant effort rather than a band effort. However, it came out with a Zep feel just as ITTOD..and that album was more of a Plant/Jones effort. But both albums retained the band's magic and sound.

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