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When Giants Walked The Earth


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Found this on Ross Halfin's website......

Got sent Mick Wall's giant tome, When Giants Walked The Earth, Led Zeppelin Biography. Mick's done a good job apart from the bit about the 02 show - he says the show had no magic. Only Mick would think that, and it isn't true. Led Zeppelin were magic that night "In Concert and Beyond" as they used to say. I was there and it was magical, the vibe from the crowd was magical, and the band were everything they were hyped up to be. Mick also has been speaking to occultist Dave Dickinson. Now when I knew Dave (who was a writer), it wasn't about the dark forces it was all about how much eye make up he had on and his love of Hanoi Rocks, a truly dreadful Finnish band. Dave seemed to think he'd be cool by hanging around a bunch of "Faeries" that used heroin. He was also small, about three feet tall, maybe he's used the Dark Forces to help him grow. "Do what thou wilt Dave, it is the whole of the law" etc...

When Giants Walked The Earth

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