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Favorite song off of Zeppelin I?

Favorite song off of Zeppelin I?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Zeppelin I song.....

    • Good Times, Bad Times
    • Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
    • You Shook Me
    • Dazed and Confused
    • Your Time Is Gonna Come
    • Black Mountain Side
    • Communication Breakdown
    • I Can't Quit You Baby
    • How Many More Times

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Please vote, and then tell me why you picked the song. I will vote "Dazed and Confused" because it was the first song that made me truly realize what a Guitar God was..... and his name was Jimmy Page. :notworthy:

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Lately, I've been running HMMT into the ground with the number of times played compared to the other songs off this album.

But the country sound on YTIGC just makes me all warm and fuzzy all over. B)

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these zep polls are starting to get nigh impossible. to pick a fav from Zep 1?!


ok then, Dazednconfuzed cuz of the speed of it, the lawlessness of the solo, the notes played, the high 'peeep' towards the end when bonzo's rollin robert's screaming just before jimmy plunges back in to the main riff. yep that lil nano sec peep.

ok just had a reread and that all sounds crazy but I really love that point when it all comes to a head and then lands again so bang on. :D

sometimes i see lads wearing a T with the coverart in tesco or somewhere and I just want to hug em!

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Dazed And Confused(yay, my vote tied it with HMMT, temporarily anyway ) - I know, kind of obvious, but so what? It's been my unwavering fave off 1 since I bought my 1st copy on cassette about 26 yrs ago, it warranted its own whole album side on the TSRTS soundtrack, there's 4 versions of it on the Zeppelin DVD, and a cool movie was named after it, what more could you want?

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