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Favorite song off of Zeppelin I?

Favorite song off of Zeppelin I?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Zeppelin I song.....

    • Good Times, Bad Times
    • Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
    • You Shook Me
    • Dazed and Confused
    • Your Time Is Gonna Come
    • Black Mountain Side
    • Communication Breakdown
    • I Can't Quit You Baby
    • How Many More Times

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I'll take the song that was the launching pad for so many magnificent jams. The one that stayed in their setlist for years.

Ask a non-Zep fan to name three Zeppelin songs.

One will surely be:

Dazed and Confused. :beer:

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D and C. To me the song was glimpse into the futurew of what would become the single most influential and best rock band of all time. They have and will often be copied but no four men will ever attain the lasting status in music they have. They always remain the mountain all want to climb the Everest of rock.

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lmao... should we say something or should we just let her suffer?

I voted Communication Breakdown... really strong riff, and the solo gets me amped every time... and well, its one of the few on this album that they actually did on their own :o

Your Time Is Gonna Come is pretty darned good too though.

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I picked HMMT since it's one my favourite zep songs at the moment and it's the first song I figured the main riff out with all by myself

Yeah the bass line / Main Riff in that one is killer. It always gets me when i hear it because i think of all the vintage footage of them playing it in their youth. Such a great picture to paint!

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Definitely Babe Im Gonna Leave You, no offense, but I dont really like the original by Joan Baez...

But just the emotion and overall-ness of this song is just purely amazing..

But I cant play it that much *sniff* my sister hates it, because she was left when the summer came a rollin'..But I do play it to annoy her anyway :)

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