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Most Creative Band Names

Rock N' Rollin' Man

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Let us not forget The Virgin Prunes, or The Ultimate Spinach...

Hungry? ;) How 'bout some Skankin' Pickle with that?

Let's see, what else...

The Mothers of Invention

Texas Toad Lickers

REO Speed Dealer

Death by Stereo (my personal favorite...a reference to a line in the movie The Lost Boys)

Swingin' Utters

The Mr. T Experience

Rocket from the Crypt

Screeching Weasel

Big D and the Kids Table

Butthole Surfers

The String Cheese Incident

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I've never heard these band's music but I've heard their names on a countdown of weird band names ... I think they are very creative :D

A Box of Fish with Tartar Sauce

Was I Naked


Above Average Weight Band

Uncle Bob Touched Me

Granny's Hole

Alabama Thunderpussy

Too Fat to Skate

Free Beer

The Fartz

Exploding Fu*k Dolls

End of Orgy

Drunken Camel

Screaming Iguanas of Love

Mr. Sh*t

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The Rolling Stones is hardly a creative name; Brian Jones named the band after the Muddy Waters song Rollin' Stone. Toad the Wet Sprocket is also less than original, with the name dating back to 1975 (11 years before they existed) and Eric Idle's Rutland Weekend Television.

I do, however, cite the name Public Foot the Roman as being the most original name I've ever come across. A long-forgotten British progressive rock band dating back to around 1973 with the release of their eponymous first album.


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