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What band haunts you?


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Silly thread I know but I can't be alone here. No matter what I do I can't escape the Eagles. Without fail every time I am near a radio or TV I hear or see them. If I fall asleep listening to the radio and get up to pee the Eagles are on. When my alarm goes off blasting the local classic rock radio station the Eagles are on. If I'm shopping for groceries the Eagles are on, when I get into my car to leave the Eagles are on. When I switch the station, yep more Eagles. I cannot get away from them.

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TBH, This guy thinks they play way too much Zeppelin on our airwaves. Overkill. Wouldn't mind so much if they played a wider selection but they tend to stick with the 4th album and Kashmir. Me thinks they could do better

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The band that haunts me??? I don't know their name!!!! I remember hearing a song in the 76/77/78 timeframe that I loved. I would hear the song on the radio, but never bought it. I'm almost sure they were a second or third tier punk band. Who knows maybe New Wave. As time passed, the band and my memory just disappeared. I'm almost sure the word rubberband was in the title of the song or a lyric. I can't for the life of me figure out a way to uncover the actual song or band. Everytime I see some odd compilation of songs from that period I scan it to see if maybe the song will be there or jar a memory. It's been driving me mad for 30 fucking years. CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!

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Jefferson Starship/ just Starship.

I love Jefferson AIRPLANE. I listen to them all the time. But I can't escape the later reincarnations. Find Your Way Back was on the radio the other day, and then I walk into chemistry class in my Zep '77 tshirt singing Hey Hey What Can I Do? And I hear "We Built This City, on Rock And Roll" and my ears started to bleed.

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I'm getting tired of all the TV and radio ads using the Beatles' "Hello, Goodbye". Yeah, I get it already.....goodbye, good buy.....it was sort of cute the first time Target used it years ago, now there must be a half dozen other companies doing the same.

There's another commercial, I don't know who the sponsor is, that has some chick butchering David Bowie's "Space Oddity"....can't reach the remote control fast enough to keep that one from becoming embedded in my head. :thumbdown:

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Just discovered a new website......http://www.interpunk.com/

Looks like I have some homework...

"A Rubber Made Band" - Henry Clay People

"Argument Left Hanging - Rubber Cement" - Original Silence

"Bearskins + Rubber Knives" - Sicbay

"Before I Hit The Rubber Room" - Freeze

"Black Rubber Toy" - Valentines (Italy)

"Blood Scrubber" - Party Of Helicopters

"Blood Scrubber" - Party Of Helicopters

"Burn Rubber" - Bright Eyes

"Burned Rubber" - Squareheads

"Burning Rubber" - Marky Ramone And The Speedkings

"Burning Rubber" - Teenage Jesus And The Jerks

"Burning Rubber" - Teenage Jesus And The Jerks

"How It Hurts (Rubber Legs)" - Stooges

"Living Dead Rubber Doll" - Sliver

"Mr. Rubber Burner" - Long Since Forgotten

"No Rubber Tired Vehicles Beyond This Point" - Chuck Ragan & Nagel

"Onions Wrapped in Rubber" - Tortoise

"Red Rubber" - Pornhuskers

"Red Rubber Jungle" - Fight Between Frames

"Rubber And Glue" - Cave In

"Rubber And Wood" - Yellow Press

"Rubber And Wood" - Yellow Press

"Rubber Baby Bop" - Skurvy The Clown

"Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers" - Austrian Death Machine

"Rubber Band" - Unorganized Crime

"Rubber Band" - Due Tomorrow

"Rubber Band" - Shaft

"Rubber Bands" - Fire Theft

"Rubber Biscuit" - Supersuckers

"Rubber Biscuit" - Supersuckers

"Rubber Buccaneer" - Demented Are Go

"Rubber Buccaneer" - Demented Are Go

"Rubber Buccaneer" - Demented Are Go

"Rubber Bullets" - Vindictives

"Rubber Cars" - Wasps

"Rubber Cement" - Logik

"Rubber City Rebels" - Rubber City Rebels

"Rubber City Rebels (Live)" - Rubber City Rebels

"Rubber City Revolution" - Euro Boys

"Rubber Cock" - Razor Blades

"Rubber Crutch" - New Society Of Anarchists

"Rubber Duckies" - Treblemakers

"Rubber Ducky" - Only Human

"Rubber Girl" - Bad Reputation

"Rubber Girl (prev Only On Vinyl)" - Blazers

"Rubber Glove Seduction" - Chris Connelly

"Rubber Gloves" - Statues

"Rubber Hammer" - Guitar Gangsters

"Rubber Husband" - Poison Idea

"Rubber Jenny" - Last Resort

"Rubber Legs" - Stooges

"Rubber Legs" - Iggy & The Stooges

"Rubber Legs" - Iggy & The Stooges

"Rubber Love" - Demented Are Go

"Rubber Man" - Jonny Cohen's Love Machin

"Rubber Mask" - Sunglasses After Dark

"Rubber No" - Totaal Verlept

"Rubber Pigs" - Take

"Rubber Plimsoles" - Demented Are Go

"Rubber Rainbow" - Kim Fowley

"Rubber Ring" - Smiths

"Rubber Ring" - Morrissey

"Rubber Robot" - Arab On Radar

"Rubber Rock" - Demented Are Go

"Rubber Rock" - Demented Are Go

"Rubber Rock (Bonus Track)" - Demented Are Go

"Rubber Rocket" - Electric Six

"Rubber Room" - Screeching Weasel

"Rubber Room" - Lurkers

"Rubber Room" - Psychotic Reaction

"Rubber Room" - US Bombs

"Rubber Room" - Self-Made Monsters

"Rubber Room" - Lurkers

"Rubber Stamp Test" - Final Solutions

"Rubber Suit" - Pink Anvil

"Rubber Suit, Pt. 2" - Pink Anvil

"Rubber Traits" - Why?

"Rubber Trouble" - Sniffing Glue

"Rubberband" - LWL

"Rubberface" - Capital

"Rubberface" - Capital

"Rubberman" - Intensive Care

"RubberMonks and Leather Nuns" - Nekromantix

"Rubberneck Telepathy" - Reversal Of Man

"Rubbernecker" - Danielson Famile

"Rubbernecker" - Danielson Famile

"Rubbernecker" - Danielson

"Rubberneckin'" - Meat Puppets

"Scrubber" - Melt Banana

"Scrubber" - Melt Banana

"Scrubber" - Boys

"That Black House Made Of Rubber" - November Coming Fire

"The Crown Vs. George W. Bush (the Case Of The Royal Shrubbery)" - Guess What Peter Did.

"The Rubberliner" - Teeth

"The Shooting at Rubber Band High" - Short Lived

"Tight Black Rubber" - Black Francis

"Yellow Rubber Nails" - Hospital Ships

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This is currently my favorite topic. How about The Temptations? I'm obsessed with that VH1 movie on the group. David Ruffin was just a great lead singer. He went on a power trip and wanted the group named David Ruffin and the Temptations a la Diana Ross and the Supremes. They refused, he got booted and the band eventually imploded big time.

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