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Top 5 bands of all time


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Well my fave 5 bands are Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rush, Yes and well at times Floyd,Queen,Rainbow have been say a 5 the fave but very difficult as there are lots of others I have not mention that could fill that slot.

My claim to fame ....hmmm well I live in the same county as Headley Grange :mellow: new a bloke that once was in a band that supported Purple <_< and knew through family connections a member of Robert plants solo band :)

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i used to love pink floyd - but have really fell out of love with them over the last couple of years!

they are mediocre at best and just had some lucky breaks along the way

only 3 of their albums were any good anyway :mellow:

Um.......you're dumb

Led Zep

Pink Floyd

Pearl Jam

Black Crowes


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...hell I forgot about Queen,Yes and Rainbow!

have yet to hear a better song than light in the black - it's possibly my all time favourite non Zepplein song!!

Yeh that great crazy keyboard solo in the middle of that song A light in the black is wonderful. Such a bombastic song...classic stuff !

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Hi all,

If may,studio or live:

Led Zeppelin.

That is never a put down to any other band.I like a lot of music.Yet you are the best,in my heart/soul and mind,you got me through,and still do so much crap in my life.Who can not listen to GTBT and not relate,Whole Lotta Love,and not think,...welll. B)

I could go on,these musical journeys have been part of(some) some of us part our lives,and perhaps yours.

Just like the another 4 bands did.

I can not pick another 4 bands.Their were many,...


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