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Top 5 bands of all time


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There are so many bands that I could list so I will have to name a few that I am currantly listening to. The first and second bands on my list will always stay the same.

1) Led Zeppelin

2) Jimi Hendrix

3) April Wine

4) Creedence Clearwater Revival

5) Budgie

Wow! five picks is just not enough.......Northstar.

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I dunno about ranking 1-5 because bands slip in and out of slots depending on mood.

I love,




Little Feat


Pearl Jam


The Who

Earth Wind and Fire

Weather Report


Tragically Hip

And 100's more..

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I am only 24 and I only really started listening to music on a regular basis about 3 years ago... So this may change in the future.

1. Led Zeppelin

2. The Who

3. Oasis

4. The Kinks

5. The Jam

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1) Led Zeppelin

1a) The Beatles

3) Pink Floyd

4) Yes

5) Black Sabbath


Solo Male

1) Frank Zappa

2) David Bowie

3) Elton John

4) Todd Rundgren

5) Lyndsey Buckingham


Solo Female

1) Janis Joplin

2) Fiona Apple

2) Bjork

3) Tori Amos

4) Dolly Parton - Jolene is a masterpiece..

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1. Led Zeppelin

2. The Rolling Stones

3. The Who

4. Rush and Van Halen

5. Cream

I have made changes since then.

1. Led Zeppelin

2. The Rolling Stones

3. The Who

4. Cream and Rush

5. The Allman Brothers Band

6. Van Halen

7. Jimi Hendrix (The Experience and Band of Gypsys)

8. Eric Clapton (Everything after Cream until the unplugged album.)

9. Funkadelic

10. Neil Young

11. Muddy Waters

and whatever I'm in the mood for at that very minute.

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This is hard!  Bands huh? That lets some great solo rock musicians, like Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa, out. So we're talking about a mix of intensely talented individuals who form something greater than the sum of their parts.  I'm assuming that we are sticking to rock music too.  OK Here we go (in chronological order!)


The Rolling Stones, They re-introduced blues and '50's Rock and Roll to the masses.  This formed the basis of modern "rock" music.

The Beatles, They changed the face of popular music and made it acceptable for many kinds of music to be interpreted as "rock music".  Incredible song writing and musicianship were their hallmark. Their post Beatles work is pretty great too!

Cream, Three insanely skilled players!  They introduced the concept of Jazz style jamming to the world of popular music.

Led Zeppelin, They are the definition of '70s hard rock!  What a collection of talent! They stretched the definition of rock music like the Beatles before them. Plus they have an appreciation of many musical styles and incorporated them into their unique sound.

Having a hard time with one last band as influential and talented as the first four...

How about:

The Who, A great example of four supremely talented musicians who make something bigger when they were together.  They really pushed the boundaries of rock music with their "rock operas", Quadrophenia and Tommy.

Allman Brothers Band, Inventors of Southern Rock (but we can forgive them for that).  Duane Allman was one intense guitar player!  When teamed up with the excellent Dicky Betts, they invented the "twin guitars" style.  Barry Oakley was a great bass player too!  Unfortunately, that original line up only lasted two years...

Yes, Popularized "progressive rock", Some real talent in that band too, Steve Howe has such a unique, self taught guitar style, Chris Squire was one of the most talented bass players of all time, Rick Wakeman is a great keyboard player and Bill Bruford invented the so-called "new wave" drumming style.  This line up was short lived, however, and after the mid seventies the quality of their music suffered.

Queen, Freddie Mercury is the greatest front man of all time, Sorry Plant lovers but Robert blew up his voice and was never regained what he was '68-'72. Brian May plays some excellent guitar and Deacon and Taylor are the most underrated rhythm section in rock.

Rush, Talent, talent, talent! Greatest drummer ever?  And he writes the most unique, forward thinking lyrics in rock?  Some hate Geddy's voice but his bass playing (and keyboard playing) are excellent.


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Band or no Band.  In chronological order:

1.  Robert Johnson

2.  Elvis Presley

3.  the Beatles

4.  Led Zeppelin

5.  Nirvana...

I must say that my list is more of a "most influential" list then a top 5 bands of all-time list even though I will have to say that the Beatles and Led Zeppelin are the top 2 Bands of All-Time.  How anyone wants to categorize who is the best depends of personal choice and opinion.  In My opinion, Led Zeppelin is the Best and Greatest Band of All-Time. 

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