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Top 5 bands of all time


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I suppose that rather than a top five 'absolute greatest', my list is done on more of a by-era basis.

'60s: The Beatles (greatest studio band of all time and the fathers of album rock)

'70s: Led Zeppelin (greatest live band of all time and the masters of album rock)

'80s: Def Leppard (they were MILES clear of the rest of the glam metal genre and produced two genuinely classic, near-flawless rock albums, even the 'professional' critics never denied them that)

'90s: Nirvana (the band that woke up an entire generation from the dirge of the last days of the hair bands; Cobain had a deceptive sense of humour which never gets recognised)

'00s: Green Day (say what you will, American Idiot was the last mainstream rock album that really put the effort in, hence their deserved - in my view - Hall of Fame induction)

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Well, talking about favorite names in Jazz & Blues and about recordings made between 1950  to 1965, I would  mention  Lightnin' Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Thelonious Monk, and Miles Davis.

Focussing on the years after 1965, my  All-Time-Top-Six-Rock-Acts are:

1.)  Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band desismileys_2786.gif

2.)  The Doors  desismileys_2787.gif

3.)  Rolling Stones  desismileys_2785.gif

4.)  Jefferson Airplane 

5.)  Country Joe & The Fish

6.)  The Who

For the  late sixties/early seventies,  I'm also a great Fan of Folk Rock Bands like Fairport Convention & Steeleye Span, Incredible String Band plus Pentangle.

After 1975:   Wire,  Clash, Joy Division, Fall, Cure, Gun Club, Green on Red, Giant Sand...

After 1995:   Sixteen Horsepower, White Stripes, Madrugada


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