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What instrument do you play?

Matt Harris

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bass Guitar, piano, and mandolin. I have a Yamaha piano, a fender jazz bass, an SX Bass, and a Rickenbacker bass, and just a cheap $100 mandolin

I want your Rickenbacker bass. I haven't seen it but I want anything with the name Rickenbacker on it. :lol: Rick basses have the most amazing tone ever, in my book.

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Acoustic guitar for nearly 8 years.

Electric, 3 years...

Bass, Harmonica, Bongo, Djembe, Conga, some Drums, a bit of Saxomophone in high school. Spoons, shakers, cowbells, Cymballs, Maracas, Jaw Harp, a little piano. Gong.

and some other things... kitchen utensils, knife, butter plate and a nutcraker hitting a tomato can, an umbrella and a tennis ball (a friend and I made Concrete music with those tools... B) And it is recorded.)

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I am the leader of a band, a very bad band XD!!! I´m the guitarrist and vocalist. Also I play the bass and the drums a little bit ... and I can draw something with anything with strings XD

LED ZEPPELIN is why I play the guitar with a bow!

(sorry if I don´t speak very well, I´m from Spain)

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I think i answer this before. Ill update it.

Squier P-Bass with EMG P/J setup with new tuners and bridge. Black

Fender Jazz 24. Tobacco burst

ESP Viper with custom EMG humbucking pickups and mixed EMG and custom shop electronics. A transparent black with silver. Silverburstish

Black Epiphone Les Paul. Hardy play, but wanted a guitar.

Ovation acoustic 6-String and 12-String. Loaned/Borrowed/Bought/Lease/Stolen from friend. Play with them a little bit, but just looks good along the wall.

Got a Four Track recorder and Guitar Rig on the PC that I play the guitar through. Looking for the Crate Amp i saw one time for cheap at Guitar Center. SWR 4X10,1X15 and Amp for the bass with a mix of pedals.

Looking into buying a mandolin.

If I see a good deal I usually grab it.

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I'm a drummer. I've been playing the drums for about seven years now, and I couldn't give up my drums even if you paid me to never touch them again. I've always been attracted to percussion instruments. I just love the Drums. Bonzo really inspired me to work harder. After I heard Moby Dick, my mind just blew up.

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