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Jason's old band Healing Sixes release new tune feat. Joe Bonamassa

Rock Cop

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Indiana based band Healing Sixes (of which Jason Bonham drummed with for 4 years) just released a new song called "Fine Time", which features blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa.

The song is available for download on their website (in the Store section): http://www.healingsixes.com/

Furthermore, the Indianapolis Star just did a brief story about the band that includes some nice video of them performing a little: http://www.indy.com/posts/13258

Jason & the band's singer/guitarist Doug Henthorn are still good friends and this is a band any Led Zeppelin fan should be aware of and check out. They also have a new DVD out. Jason drums on their 2002 album "Enormosound"

Just wanted to share the good news about a great new tune!

Rock Cop

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