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While it may be unlikely that Jimmy Page has the time (or desire) to visit the Led Zeppelin forum, it doesn't mean a message won't reach him. So, what the hell...

Mr Page,

Thank you for the music of Led Zeppelin (it's timeless). Looking forward to hearing much more (recorded, as well as live). Be well. Live long and rock!


Houston, Texas USA

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Jimmy, we do not really claim to be the privileged crowd that wants to know everything first hand, but please, give us some fresh and good news about your and JPJ's upcoming project, finally... to know that the pop has not taken over the Universe just yet. :o

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Well Jimmy, at least give us a little hint of what your up to with Jonesy and Jason. You don't have to reveal all the details yet. When you think the time is right, that would be most appropriate. No matter what the media may have written, we all enjoyed your performance of Whole Lotta Love with Leona Lewis at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing. Well done. Really, looking forward to the possibility of new material and tour. Thanks for giving us so many years of great pleasure with your music.

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Ok, I never asked this one before. Sometime before your eighth birthday, you moved with your family to a 400-acre farm in Northamptonshire owned by a Great-Uncle, but by 1952 returned to Feltham for a short time before moving again, to Epsom. If your Great-Uncle's property is no longer in the family, would you be so kind as to divulge further details about

it's history and any fond recollections of your time there?

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Moon River, wider than a mile,

I'm crossing you in style some day.

Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,

wherever you're going I'm going your way.

Two drifters off to see the world.

There's such a lot of world to see.

We're after the same rainbow's end--

waiting 'round the bend,

my huckleberry friend,

Moon River and me.




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