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VH1’s Charm School

eternal light

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Episode 2

Toss your bags. Let's go, teamwork, don't be the weakest link. Let's toss 'em like you're throwing your boyfriend's @&*^ out the window. Come on, don't let the team down. Let's go, there ya go. We can't be breaking down now, we're starting to do good.


There's no crying in bag toss.

-Drill Instructor

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Lily rocks!


I wouldn't want to give her up either.

^lolol, she's a sweetie! And she's wearing tennis shoes.


Episode 3

Of course men are gonna wanna...But then you become a toy, and then when they're done playing with you, they're gonna put you back and then walk away.

(Upon hearing the above remark in Act 1 at 3:23 Lily whimpers and lowers her head inbetween her legs in horror and sorrow. She is one smart, sensitive dog. Somehow she understands the conversation.)


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Episode 4

These ladies would all love to work in rock and roll, so we're going to teach them the fundamentals of how to do it, how to earn credibility and respect, without opening your legs.

-Sharon Osbourne

This episode is especially sad because, along with Megan, Lily is also sent home. Lily is one of the best participants on the show and she will be missed.

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Let's be honest, Bret wasn't looking for girls who are smart or have good etiquette. He likes ho's...and 98% of the girls who showed up to be his Rock of Love were low life's... i watched (and enjoyed) both of his shows! I saw a few minutes of Charm School and couldn't waste another minute with such rubbish. These girls don't deserve any fame.

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