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Zeppelin Animated gifs


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Hello everyone, I don't know if there's a thread about this, so if there is, please link me!! If not, well, use this little space to share your Zeppelin animated gifs, the ones you find on the net or the ones you make, I only have a few, and I really want to see more!! Here are some I've found around the forum, most in the signatures or just in random images in the net. So, feel free to post/share them. byes!!



This is my favorite!! If anyone has any additional information about this, please let me know, who is the lovely lady and what did she tell him?? :Dfunny note: I asked my mom the same question and she said "I wanna have your babies... that's what I would tell him"... :o:lol::hysterical:





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Where did you find the last one? I've never seen this scene in any clip!

He looks so beautiful...and the ciggie!

It's from the short rehearsal part from the video that was released of the A.R.M.S. gig in 1983 (The same show as the one where Ray Cooper destroys the gong during Layla).

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