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One Year Later


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I downloaded 2-3 bit torrent versions of the show that I had to trash because I JUST KNEW they didn't capture the sound of the show. They all sounded like garbage, and I knew this was not garbage.

Then, I went on youtube, and found this guy's stuff:


Ok, so then I plugged my Wireless Transmitter into the headphone jack of my pc and pumped the feed into my surround sound system. I adjusted the volume on my pc to about 55%, and the Youtube volume to about the same. This left enough contrast between Robert, Jimmy, Jason and JPJ to hear everyone loud and clear. And, here is the best part, it didn't lose that contrast or become signifigantly distorted when I blasted the surround sound volume controls. And so, it is like I am sitting about 150 yards front row center at the show and rocking out to Led Zeppelin just as it might have been a year ago in person. I have seen a lot of regurgetated commercial crap from a lot of bands that I love that cannot compare to the amateur conditions I have created for myself tonight. I would advise anyone to follow my lead as an alchemical formula :).

It truly was a monumental moment in the history of music a year ago this week. Nobody sounds like that, nobody...

This guy's youtube video/audio is nothing more than the 3RD EYE/KATZ Eye version that's been online for almost a year. Sure, it's the best available now (until the official one comes out some year...) :)

R B)

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