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SIBLY or Tea For One?


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  1. 1. which do you prefer?

    • Since I've Been Lovin' You
    • Tea For One

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I love both, but Tea For One says something more to me. The sentiments seems more personal, too - as if Robert's not just singing a blues lyric, he's actually feeling it. Then again, that could just be my subjectivity, knowing what we do about the circumstances surrounding the recording of Presence.     

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It's always been Tea For One, for me. No contest. It is slow, intense and just a lot more sensual and mature, in comparison to Since I've Been Loving You. JMO. You can just hear a myriad of emotions. The longing. The loneliness. Wow! Just one of Led Zeppelin's all-time greatest songs, IMHO! 

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I vote for Tea For One, mostly because people treat it like a bastard child of SIBLY. Unfortunately, this can t be helped, but I think many people agree that Tea For One stands on its own. First of all, Robert s voice is incredible, it really sounds haggard and lost, like lord, get me the F home . It is the blues on a completely personal level. The music sticks with him in solidarity, those slow riffs muscling along like some poor wounded creature at the end of hope. I also love the reverb gloss on everything, very intimate. Finally, that opening groove is fantastic...it s sudden beginning is over just as were starting to get rolling with it. Like the band want to rock out, but at the moment the clouds are just too dark. They don t sound bored, they sound resigned...and they went out and recorded what that feels like.

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