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Take To California Skies In The New Zeppelin

Mary Hartman

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Take to the Calif. skies in the new zeppelin

By Laura Bly, USA TODAY

October 30, 2008 than seven decades after the giant Hindenburg burst into flames during a New Jersey landing, the zeppelin is returning to the USA — with an hour-long ride above the San Francisco Bay Area, costing a lofty $495 per person.Airship Ventures' newly built zeppelin, a canvas-covered airship with a gondola that holds up to 12 passengers, is 15 feet longer than a Boeing 747. Unlike the Hindenburg, which was filled with hydrogen, the modern version is kept aloft by non-flammable helium. Typical cruising altitude is 1,000 feet.

Story: http://abcnews.go.com/Travel/story?id=6151659&page=1


Web/How to fly: http://www.airshipventures.com/


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