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:angry: dammit, you're right - link does NOT work - the station's website has been changed (I won't say improved !) so there may be gremlins.

go to planetrock.co.uk and ferret about a bit,



EDIT - Page cannot be found , hehehe , that's a good'un ! :D Oh, and it probably should be


Add a . before html in the link provided, hit enter and it will go to the right page

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Bearing in mind that promoters will say anything because that's what they do...presenting Robert Plant's hips; they've started to move again. After mirroring the demure Ms. Krauss' careful stage presence, his hips came back to life from the deep freeze and decided to tour all by themselves whether he wants to come along or not.

That was seriously funny. Shit. I like that.

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It's got to be Carl Douglas. The UFC is so popular right know, i can see how wonderful it would be for a bunch of 40 somethings running around singing "Kung Fu Fighting" again.

Either that or the Captain has reunited with Ms. Tenille to make us vomit for yet another decade.

Biggest reformation is no more Bush! yay!

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Hey man, don't knock the 'Rollers. There was Leslie, Derek, Eric, Woody and Alan... best band out of Scotland EVER.

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! :stereo:

B-A-Y, B-A-Y, B-A-Y C-I-T-Y with an R-O-L-L-E-R-S

Bay City Rollers are the best! :lol:

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Well to correct some suggestions I noticed, Deep Purple is an on going band, and Kiss is currently touring.

My money goes towards a recently discussed Black Sabbath, The Kinks have confirmed they are writing new material for a possible reunion. Other than those there is the illogical suggestion of The Beatles.

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