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It is Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow with Joe Lynn Turner and co. I am sure of this as one of my good friends is the guitar tech. I believe it will be announced this week or the first of next.

Well, I guess this could be it, but I think it has already been announced few days ago...


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yeah. you mean the original Kinks with Peter Quaif and Mick Avory, don't you.

That's something I read in the "papers" every so often.. More just lately.

A good and decent bet.

I think so, heard it on KLOS 95.5 In L.A. Ray Davies is reportedly down for it.

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I was going to write "we know it isn't Pink Floyd" because of Rick Wright's death this year (RIP), but maybe Gilmour and Waters put aside their petty differences and will reunite with Nick Mason for a charity / tribute concert. They could also put John Carin on keyboards since he's already played w/Gilmour, Waters and Pink Floyd in the past. That would be awesome.


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I can't imagine Gilmour would ever play as Pink Floyd without Wright. He never seems terribly interested in PF nowadays anyways. From what I've heard, Gilmour himself is about the only reason PF didn't keep playing after Live 8. Gilmour is to Pink Floyd as Plant is to Led Zeppelin...

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Pink Floyd again would be good. I'd go this time. What was it...years ago they played, not that one off.

When you add the 70's bands up, and look and see who has stayed together, who has died, and who already reunited the list is pretty small. :huh:

.......... :Thinking: ..........

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