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Have You Heard This Band?

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The Shades Of Orange was an amazing band who released one album and a string of singles in the early 90's.

All their releases are quite rare and hard to find these days as nothing has been re-released. I can assure it's well worth the effort to search 'em out, cause it's some great music.

If you've got a Spotify account, you are able to find the whole album there.

The Shades Of Orange


CD Cover art:


These live videos was filmed when they got together to celebrate their old label's, Massproduktion's, 30th anniversary. The audio and video is excellent.

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Not to bad Swede....they got a little Doors thing going on.

Yes, they do. I know the singer was/is also a big fan of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, while the drummer and bassist was really into British 60's psychedelia at the time.

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Slash Puppet

Slik Toxik

Sven Gali

These three were good Canadian metal bands in the early to mid 90's that emerges out of the glam rock scene. It's too bad the grunge had taken over and these bands were lost forever, as then had some pretty good rockin' tunes. Sven Gali was the only one to have some mainstream success with their debut album. They put on a great energy-charged show in concert.

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KAYO DOT ! LOOK THEM UP AND LISTEN TO THEIR TRACKS. Quite different to anything that you'll have heard before... I had the chance to go see them perform in Manchester last month, but had to cancel at the last minute, so my friend got Toby and Mia to sign a piece of paper for me ! They wrote a message and everything, so chuffed !

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2UwIMUYeIU here's a link to one of their songs, enjoy =] x

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Looks like Argentina had a great music scene in the early 70's. Check out bands like Color Humano, Pappo's Blues, Pescado Rabioso, Billy Bond, Almendra, León Gieco... I have been greatly enjoying listening to 'em.


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I recently discovered a group from Brooklyn called The Depreciation Guild. Their song "Dream About Me" is just heavenly. Sounds like something that would've come out in the late '80's/early '90s. Check out their video (which is also great):

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I think this thread truly deserves a resurrection! B)

I would like to recommend a band called "The Yellow Payges". Not many people have heard of these guys. They were a Garage Rock band from Torrance, California, but they also did some incredibly bluesy stuff too! :D

This song "The Two Of Us" is their most famous single :

And here are a couple of tunes which are even better! B)

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Parts & Labor

A noise pop/rock, neo psychedelic band that have been around for 9 years that have some pretty good stuff. I saw them 2 weeks ago as they opened for Lightning Bolt. Here's a song from their new album.

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