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No has a real answer for that question. Right now Robert just doesn't want to. Jimmy, John Paul, and John's son Jason are currently working together on material. There is much more information, ideas, and opinions on the board if you just look for it.

Welcome, and hope you enjoy your stay.

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the remaining members of led zeppelin and jason bonham would lose the respect of, well at least thousands, if they reformed

thats like kids going back to the schoolground to reform old gangs

leave it where it belongs *in the past*

hats of to robert who has the sense to have nothing to do with it

jimmy and jonesy - let it go

jason - be your own man and stop trying to fill your father's shoes!!!!

everyone else - get over it for god's sake!!!

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i tend to agree (mostly) with your sentiments on this, caro. however, four guys getting together to make some music is something i'm not opposed to. no one ever said they have to call themselves led zeppelin, but, for gawd sakes, stay away from LZII.

of course it would be impossible to avoid doing zep tunes on tour, but collectively they have enough post-zep material not to have to touch a single zep song.

i don't know who'd respect them less if they did new zep songs, i just question the quality of them *as* zep songs. i'd hate for them to have the old flavour and be called forgeries, but who knows how 'progressive' new zep material is allowed to be by the fans. not to impugn their solo efforts, but those aren't zep songs, either.

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Why won't led zeppelin join back together for atleast one more show or a new cd?
well well well beacuse its not true zeppelin with out bonzo it is not the true zeppelin

why did thay stop playing arsk your self that thay should never play as LED ZEPPELIN with out him

its like i will drive my car with no fuel bonzo was was one elemint its missing now so fuck it it is rude of you to wonna have the band with out the eleiment grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so what even his son should not put him self in his dads shoes it was his dads thing JOHN BONZO bonham was the drums

eliment 1 jimmy page........2.robert plant..3.jones........4.bonzo.. rip thats the bottom line i dont give a shit page should not have played and gave the kashmir away sold out PUFF FUKIN DADDY GEZZZZZZZ i love zeppelin and its not good with out bonzo it should never been a zeepelin concert thay should have calllled it ZEPPELIN not led zeppelin is it MONEY or the true enjoyment of rock n roll i dont know

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