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The Album Doesn't Remain The Same


Album Differences  

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  1. 1. Which album pairing was the biggest change in direction?

    • From 'Led Zeppelin I' to 'Led Zeppelin II'
    • From 'Led Zeppelin II' to 'Led Zeppelin III'
    • From 'Zeppelin III' to 'Led Zeppelin IV'
    • From 'Led Zeppelin IV' to 'Houses of The Holy'
    • From 'Houses of The Holy' to 'Physical Graffiti'
    • From 'Physical Graffiti' to 'Presence'
    • From 'Presence' to 'In Through The Out Door'

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II to III might seem like a big change, but acoustic stuff was in I and II to some degree. There was just a lot more of it in III. There was more of a big shift between PG and Presence. Presence was an all-electric album and pretty stylistically consistent as kind of a Stones or Aerosmith like bar band sort of vibe. It's really the least ecclectic across all of the albums.

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Presence - ITTOD. Presence was a pretty straightforward and all-electric progressive album. ITTOD was a complete change in style. Keyboards on every track and acoustics on almost all of them, contrast to no keyboards on Presence and 1 acoustic track. ITTOD also had more pop-oriented hits (Fool in the Rain, All My Love, In the Evening)

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The Fourth Album - Houses of the Holy.

With Houses of the Holy they turned in a more 'progressive' (kind of) direction that was reflected very much on Physical Graffiti.

It also has both a James Brown-style funk tune (The Crunge) and humorous reggae (D'yer Mak'er)

ALSO this was the first album with a name other than a numeral! (If you include 'the fourth') ;)

I guess the biggest difference in style between albums would be 'Presence' - 'In Through The Out Door,'

but I feel like the jump from IV to HOTH had a larger impact on their future direction.

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Presence - In Through The Outdoor

Though Led Zeppelin III was different from the first two albums, Led Zeppelin III still had things most would have expected with the Immigrant Song, Celebration Day, Since I've been Loving You & Out On The Tiles. Whereas In Through The Outdoor had new material in areas Led Zeppelin never ventured in - South Bound Suarez, All My Love, Carouselambra, Fool In The Rain and Hot Dog. I could have expected In The Evening and I'm Gonna Crawl, but the rest?

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Led Zeppelin I and Led Zeppelin II were both essentially hard-charging blues rock. Led Zeppelin III, aside form Immigrant Song, was a total change in direction. It was the first indication that the band would not be so easily pigeon-holed.

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