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New Years resolutions


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If you are going to get a cat, make sure its a kitten and you raise it the way you want to. There habits are formed very early and are tough to break later. By the way, my daughter lives in NY and is your exact age. Just thought id mention it She is in Marketing. Good luck with your pet search. I love cats and dogs both, but cats are easier because you can go away for a couple of days and not have to worry.

Oops, yes, I meant 2008...

I have a cat in Texas living with my mom that I would love to have back, but I would hate to uproot him now that he is settled. I raised him but had to leave him home when I moved to NY. :(

I'm leaving NY though, I could never have a dog here. I don't like little shit dogs and having a bigger dog with no yard is just wrong IMO.

These are my babies back home. Another resolution, to see them more!!




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Mine is to eat more chocolate. I'm never going to lose any weight, so I might as well enjoy being a fat-ass!

The thing is--I can't enjoy being a fat-ass. My ass is WAY too fat!

My resolution is now that I'm (on Friday) a college graduate, I will concentrate on hitting the damned gym, damnit!

In the past few months, I've gained too much stress-related weight. I'm going to lose it, damnit, because I have to buy too many new clothes that look crappy on my otherwise!

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Sort my finances out! That's my numero uno priority. Also, I need to get into a regular exercise regime again. As the year has gone on I've fallen off the fitness wagon.

I love to dance and Latin American music so I want to start taking lessons in latin dancing. :)

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OK people, it's that time of year again to start anew. 2010 has got to be a better year.

I am resolving the typical "lose 10 pounds" at least. Could stand to lose more but I will re-resolve if I reach that point in 5 pound incriments. Don't want to set myself up for failure if I go for too much too soon.

I am also going to re-organize my office room. It is a catch all for putting stuff and it is getting pretty messy. It's suppose to be my husbands guitar room also so it needs some attention.

So what are your resolutions?

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The same one I make and keep every year~Never make any New Year resolutions.

Really? I have a whole list of them:

Quit smoking

Quit eating fried foods

Quit eating red meat

Quit using foul language

Quit watching television

Quit listening to music with an evil influence

Give away all of my worldly possessions

Go green

Convert to Christianity

Pray for redemption

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