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Are we all Anti-Stairway


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I wonder if we Zep heads are anti Stairway. I can't listen to that song on a regular basis. I can only listen to it full maybe four times a year.

I wonder why I have that elitist attitude. Do you find other Zepheads acting all anti-Stairway when you talk or listen to Zeppelin?


So, why are you an elitist?

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I listened it the studio version TWICE today, and drummed to it TWICE yesterday. Again, it's likely that bashing the song by those "in the know" just became the fashionable thing to do, but I don't know. Maybe some people did just get sick of it. I think some hardcore fans resented the fact that because of it, much of the other stuff the band did got neglected. I can see getting burned out on a song, but it really is quite brilliant, and every time I hear it, I go back to a simpler, sweeter, and more innocent time, a time when the future was wide open, and the possibilities were endless... Memories of great times, great places, friends, and lost loves always come flooding back.

I certainly don't play it every day, and I would never even attempt to decipher or pretend to know whatever deep meaning everyone seems to think is there. But it still has an enormous amount of sentimental value to me, and therefore I stop what I'm doing every time it comes on and listen to it, and probably always will.

I'm sure Robert has his reasons for disliking the song, and if anyone has a right to do so, it would be him. But for my part, I believe it to be a masterpiece of composition, mood, and dynamics, often imitated, never again to be duplicated. It is a defining moment in the history of the genre, and as such should not be diminished....

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Well, outside of the obvious hike in expencess that all of us have come to know well since those day's, I just realized that I'm spending the bulk of my disposable income on the same stuff too. :huh:

That's OK though, we could have joined the Moonies or something like that :D

I AM a Moonie !!!!!!!!


and an aRa-C freak !!


The go hand in hand you know !!


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A great song musically and lyrically but a victim of overexposure.

It's ironic when I talk to some people about Zep and they say things like, "Oh yeah, they do that Stairway to Heaven, don't they?"

"It's their best song!"

I can understand Robert's disdain about singing it after all these years, just like the rest of us he hears it on the radio and probably thinks, "fuck, Led Zeppelin is much more than this."

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Just let her buy her stairway...she will learn in the end B)

i believe it's stated somewhere that the soul of a woman was created below :mellow:

I can listen to stairway-The Song Remains the Same version that is, all day long. I am anti stairway, but my views follow the msg and not the beautifully orchestrated music.

if you can't bare the song then you ain't a true Zep Head.

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I'm not sure if everyone's really BASHING the song- I know I'm not. But when you hear it over and over and over again on the radio some of the magic is lost. But then again, as I noted earlier I still love to hear some of the better live versions. Particularly 6/23/77.

Great song, a classic indeed. But unfortunately, overexposed.

Yes, I would add this to my earlier comment. Thank you.

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So what if its the only one they have heard or know. They KNOW it!! lets not be snobbish about it cos we know more songs than they do.


Not to be a jerk or anything, because that really is not my intent, but I kinda like being "snobbish" about this matter. :slapface:

Our appreciation (or in my case obsession) for LZ is why most of us are here and I rather like the company. And don't get me wrong...I like the song. And everyone here has their favorite LZ tune including Stairway, but having the knowledge of their full library and knowing about all the gems that never made it to the radio is I guess what I mean by "snobbish".

I'm sure if I told you my favorite song of all time is Kashmir I'd get crap for that and people would call me a Robert band-wagon jumper. Ha! Ha! But right on the heels of that (and I mean close) is In The Light. I just can't seem to get enough of that song.

Peace and love (I'm just sayin')


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