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I believe in miracles...

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I shall admit the truth: I learnt about the concert TODAY.

I know, a real zeppelin fan should have known it before...

But instead of spending time on led zeppelin forums or websites (like I am doing right now), instead of reading newspapers or watching tv broadcast like any normal person on the earth, I was listening to their records and buying their posters and reading their books.

Anyway, the truth is: I DIDN'T KNOW!

I didn't even know of this website. SHAME ON ME!

I didn't know till today: I went on play.com for other reasons and saw the banner that offers tickets. Unfortunately it's only for UK residents. I'm from Italy.

And now...I am eating my heart out.

I read the other threads, there is a lot going on with this whole passcode thing...and a lot of people are looking for tickets and other people can't go because of the distance/price, etc.... and ebay prices are outrageous.

I believe that only a miracle could help me find two tickets.

I am hoping there is someone out there like SIBLY says in this post.

Someone who would like to share their LED ZEPP love with another couple of fans.

On top of paying a reasonable amount for the tickets, I could offer in exchange hospitality in my B&B in Rome and loads of pints of beer at my boyfriend's pub that plays Led Zepp music almost every night in our enchanted city.

End of the story. Thank you all for reading and sorry if I have bored or annoyed you in some way.

To all of you lucky people that will go to the concert: HAVE FUN AND LET THEM FEEL ALL OUR LOVE!


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Buon giorno mi amica. Piacere. Do've la tua casa?

Scusa, I'm still learning Italian. Want to retire there sometime. But that's far away from now though. Went there twice. Are you staying there for good?

You'll feel at home here in the site.

Ciao! Yes I live here and I'll stay here.

If you'll ever come to Rome make sure you stay at my B&B.

I'd love to host a LED ZEPP fan :D

PM me and I'll give you the website!

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