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Robert's Zeppelin blues

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More than any other artist that has gone solo. Robert Plant has got to have the blues about fans, wanting him to be back in Zeppelin. I never got that same feel as Sting, David lee Roth, Phil Collins.

What makes us and the rest of the fans so crazy that Robert is never fully accepted as a Solo Artist?

Why can't Robert plant escape from the impact of Led Zeppelin?


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Zeppelin's music was so unique and powerful that frankly even the members cannot create music since that rival it. Noone could touch them at the heights of their power; not even themselves. They have made good music since then just like everyone else in the music world but nothing can touch what they made at their peak.

They have been riding the wave ever since the early seventies when their abilities were the stuff of legend and in my view super human.

Their music was magic; you can't expect people to forget that even if they don't recognize what it is they are seeing/hearing.

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