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Z O S O . what`s the truth?


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Have you by any chance looked around the forum? There are plenty of theards around here to find information. Jimmy has never told us what it actually meant. they are plenty of really good explanations around. None of them are sure things, but they are really good.

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I have heard the Funnest thing about ZoSo (this is no joke); well there is this rumour that LZ sgned their souls to the devil right?

And I heard from someone that when Jimmy Signed, his sig turned into ZoSo...that's how he got it.


I also heard that Crowley came to him in a dream :huh:

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TOP (looks like a "Z") Capricorn/Jimmy's sun sign (Jimmy was born on 9 January). MIDDLE (looks like an "M") Scorpio/Jimmy's ascendant sign. BOTTOM (looks like the number "69") Cancer/Jimmy's moon sign.

Edit: As reference, here are the signs they were talking about:




You be the judge; I happen to think this one makes the most sense.

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the Zoso symbol is a seal made of two components.

the oso part is an occultic way to show

the apparent movement of mercury in the sky.

apparent for one reason, although mercury moves always

in one direction, seen of the earth makes a setback,

in three different ways.

one o for down, one s, one e for up? (I guess?)

the REAL symbol is ose.

or seo, or eos (I have a camera named like this)

the Z component is a secret thing, and I cannot

show it to mortal eyes. =)

excuse me.

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