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What is your favorite football team?


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T O Motha fucka!!!!!!! :yay::yay::yay::yay::drunk::elvis2::party:

We's gonna kick some ass!!!!!

You're so exited it's cracking me up! I don't even know where you find all those smilies you're posting. I doubt TO's going to make much difference to the Bills even if he keeps his ego in check, but for your sake I hope so.

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:beer: in recognition of Robert's new award, and to give recognition to the club's terrific season thus far :cheer: .... and yes alright, for me as well, as if you hadn't worked it out :D

:munchies: (fingers crossed, saying nothing YET ! - top of the championship table yes, but a lot of work still to be done)


:beer: shameless, blatant bump :D

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So it goes well beyond our american style season and our soccer season is during our summer. I assume there are some games played in cold snowy weather?

ps I guess that Manchester United is like your version of the Yankees or Cowboys? They have the money?

Manchester United are massive - in stature and finance (like most of the other teams). They have all the best players, are top of the league (just) and the referees are pretty much lenient with them on everything - naturally, I hate them.

We play through the snow, granted it's shovelled off the pitch. Most decent clubs actually cover their pitches when it snows, and many of the top clubs have underground heating. We play during the fog (with a yellow ball, instead of white), during rain, snow, sunshine, etc. If the conditions are really severe the game's cancelled. Most of the time the game's fate it decided right before kick-off.

Like Zeppy said, we start our season in mid-late August/early September and finish around the next May. Sometimes other non-league games (like the Champions League) mean some teams start their games a little earlier and end a little later - depending on how successful they are.

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Ive seen bits and pieces of games. Teams like Manchester and Chelsea and such. I would have to see the league standing to see all the teams. I do love the World Cup and always cheer for England, not that it has done me much good lately. Every 4 yrs though. I would think the bad weather games would tend make more goals, as it would be tougher to deffend. People slipping and an advantage to the offense?

:beer: playing conditions today are light years ahead of what they were in the 20th century. So much more money has come into the game, and the whole 'production' (or presentation) has improved.

I well remember in the 70s in particular, there were notorious stadiums (stadia ?) were you had to look hard to find a blade of grass. And during January / February some of them looked far more like St. Moritz than Wembley, thats for sure.

As far as the playing side goes, it's the Goalkeepers who are usually affected most by tricky conditions - a wet surface can cause them all sorts of problems, so obviously works in favour of the attacking side.

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Is this thread about football teams or soccer teams?

If it's about football then I like the Colts. If it's about soccer then I like the Kalamazoo Kingdom.

Soccer is the only real Football in the pure sense.

Rugby Union Football was invented when out of frustration when a footballer picked up the ball and ran away with it.

They changed the shape of the ball to what is used in other "football" games today.

Rugby League Football is a break away sport created out of frustration where RU players after getting injured could not work so they actually got paid to play with different rules and team sizes and positions.

Australian Rules Football was invented in Victoria and is played on an oval field as opposed to a rectangular one with totally different adaptations with the only constant being the shape of the ball.

There is a similar game in Ireland called Gaelic Football.

American (Gridiron) Football was adapted from RU also but for different reasons that I do not know.

My favourite teams are.

Football: Man United Eng., Sydney and Australia

RU: Parramatta Two Blues, NSW Waratahs, Australia Wallabies

RL: Parramatta Eels, Leeds Rhinos Eng., NSW Blues, Australia Kangaroos

AFL: Sydney

NFL: Green Bay Packers

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