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What is your favorite football team?


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Now I want to take you up on this with my country but first just want to clarify whether

refers to anywhere in particular...

Nope, not really. I was talking about those small, inexpressive countries in general.

And you know Australia doesn't fit that description; it's a huge country after all. I gave the South Pacific example because, besides Australia and NZ (and maybe PNG too), few people care about Oceania.

By the way, I sympathize with Melbourne Victory there.

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Um....well...when I was younger, I got a Dallas Cowboys starter jacket for Christmas. I got it simply because everybody had one & they were a hot item. So, I guess Dallas would be my favorite.

Although, I never watch football.

Hope that made sense. :unsure:

Makes sense to me - you have class! ;)


BTW, I'm a Cowboys fan....

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Pittsburgh Steelers since 1974. When I was ten. They won their first Super Bowl 6 month later.

I have met Rocky Bleier and Terry Bradshaw. My favorite players were Jack Lambert and Lynn Swann.

A source of joy almost my entire life. In my Zeppelin essay (below) I draw a connection between them

and the Mighty Zeppelin.

In The Light since 1972.

Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin.


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